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During 2014, we’ve been pushing the digital capability message pretty hard. (Summary: don’t be scared, it’s the same internet you have at home, now go do clever stuff.)

So it’s nice to have a number to put on the progress we’ve made: 979.

979 is the number of staff who say that during 2014, they have moved from being digitally unaware to digitally capable. (We’re defining basic digital capability as level 7 on the Digital Inclusion Scale: in short, able to navigate the web with confidence, know how to spot spam).

In the most optimistic interpretation of the stats (taken from the comparison between last year’s Annual Skills Review and this) that means 100% of our 2500 staff have now reached that (very) minimum acceptable standard. However, we're not shouting about this because we don't want to assume everyone is on board, and we'll set a higher standard through our Digital Passport project in 2015.

But what it does say is that this year, staff know what digital actually is. The 80+ Digital Champions, top of the office masterclasses, presentations, workshops and most of all showing the thing(s) to staff prove DH's refreshed digital strategy is the right approach.

The work is far from done. Let’s face it - 'basic digital skills' is not good enough. We want to tackle these, this and this next year. That’s going to take courage and confidence from our civil servants far beyond just basic skills.

But well done, you 979.

Lego Ethelred and lego spaceman minifig
Unlike Ethelred (979-1013), we're ready.

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