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  1. Comment by simonfj posted on

    Thanks Jason,

    I was pleasantly surprised when you said "the capability and confidence of the 209 teams which make up the department". It's the first time I've seen a dept talk about themselves in terms of their "teams/groups". So that's one big step in the organisation's change. It would be good if we could see them (from the outside). So we might introduce peers in one dept, to another.

    At the moment we're still at the point where every department is still "discerning the user need"; independently and from "their service" list. We still haven't got workers thinking like homies. But slowly slowly. At least i can give you a little feedback while doing my banking.

    BTW. It's "onboarding" for you departmental insiders. It's "insourcing" for us unwashed outsiders 🙂