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  1. Comment by Andy Paddock posted on

    Yet another example of somebody doing things right in isolation, some of us (won't mention which part of Gov) are still suffering with our management insisting we out-source when we can and have done a better job for less than a tenth (time and money) of what everyone else quoted.
    When will this kind of wisdom be passed around all Gov departments

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      Comment by Kylie Mulholland posted on

      Hi Andy, Thanks for your comments. DH is always happy to share learnings and this blog is one of several ways in which we’re doing that. More posts on this topic coming soon.

  2. Comment by Fraser posted on

    Maybe it would be a good idea to speak with the consultation institute.

    The design should also ensure that consultations adhere to the law and avert judicial review.

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      Comment by Kylie Mulholland posted on

      Hi Fraser,

      Thanks for the tip - we did pick up on the role of the Consultation Institute as part of this project and will certainly keep them in mind as we progress.

      Best wishes,