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What does the DH digital team actually do?

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If you're a keen follower of these things you might have noticed that we've spent a fair bit of time recruiting to the DH digital team recently.

From the outside it might look like we're always reorganising ourselves, and recruiting. That is sometimes how it feels too. But we're actually sticking to a plan for the team that we made some time ago, systematically building the team that we need.

So what does the DH digital team actually do? Well firstly, we're a digital team made up of 5 small teams. We all sit together, and we operate as a single team, but the reporting lines on our organogram show that we're spread across 2 different directorates in the department, reporting a few different ways, doing a bunch of different things.

That's as it should be. We have a broad remit now, much broader than the remit of the digital team that I joined in 2010. So we've needed to spread out a bit.

We are now made up of teams that:

  1. run digital engagement campaigns on our communications and policy objectives, and provide a digital insight and evaluation service
  2. create, publish and distribute content using digital channels and print
  3. work with colleagues in our arm's length bodies to plan digital work
  4. manage and develop digital platforms and services
  5. develop our digital strategy and oversee delivery, with a particular focus on policy making and capability

Some functions (like our content team) are long established. For others, we're recruiting to help establish them.

We're committed to working in the open, including by blogging about our work as we do it. So on our blog you can find out a bit more about us, and who does what. And you can read about Anna's digital engagement work, Sarah's work on our channels, Rebecca's work with our arm's length bodies,  or Dave's work on digital skills.

If you're interested in joining the team, sign up for updates to this blog - we'll post all our vacancies here when they come up.

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