About Digital health

This is a blog by the Department of Health digital team.

We are a team of digital specialists. Between us, we have lots of experience working on ambitious digital campaigns and projects inside and outside government.

We are responsible for the department's digital strategy and we run programmes of work covering digital engagement, content, capability, policymaking, portfolio management, and services.

We get excited about technology and internet culture. But we measure our success by how far we help deliver the objectives of the department.

Who we are

  • Stephen Hale – Head of digital
  • Alice Ainsworth - Head of digital strategy, standards and capability
  • Nayeema Chowdhury - Head of digital service transformation

Digital engagement:

  • Susy Wootton – Head of digital engagement
  • Anna Hepburn – Digital campaigns manager
  • Philippa Peaseland - Digital engagement manager
  • Lewis Wooding - Digital engagement manager
  • Joe Buckley - Digital evaluation officer

Digital content:

  • Lauren McAllister - Head of content
  • Annelise Jespersen – Senior content manager
  • Raj Mohindra – Digital content manager
  • Juliet Brooker - Content designer
  • Mitch Timms - Content designer

Digital strategy:

  • Laurence Erikson - Digital strategy manager
  • Gavin Kelleher - Digital strategy manager

Digital strategy, standards and capability:

  • Dan Sheldon - Digital strategy and policy lead
  • Imran Fazal - Business analyst

Digital service design:

  • Matthew Harrington - Product manager
  • Lisa Scott - Lead product manager
  • Hong Nguyen - Associate delivery manager
  • Dharmesh Chauhan - Associate product manager

Contact us

If you work for the Department of Health, the best way to contact us is probably on Yammer, or you can find contact details for us all on the Directory. If you work somewhere else you can reach us via the DH switchboard on 020 7972 2000.

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