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  1. Comment by Marie Ennis-O'Connor (@JBBC) posted on

    Social media is a radical shift in the way we communicate. The healthcare conversation is no longer a one-way narrative but is evolving into a global, participatory discussion. One of the most powerful ways I see this happening is in the modality of the tweet chat. The role Twitter plays in breaking down patient/provider barriers, disseminating and expanding the reach of healthcare information, widening social networks and co-creating a collaborative model of shared health information is one of the most exciting developments in social media.

  2. Comment by Tim Lloyd posted on

    Hooray for Twitter chats! I think point 4 is spot on. In fact, I think chats are more productive when you have people with in-depth knowledge or fascination about a particular area, rather than having a high profile.
    Another way to evaluate the effectiveness of these is to consider the time and expense that would have been needed to bring 62 people together in person, with the additional challenge that an offline event would not have been as transparent or re-usable.

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      Comment by Claire Rhodes posted on

      Number 4 was quite a learning point for us - and opens up a lot more possibilities. Good point on the evaluation.