1. michael tebbutt

    Thank you, Kate. How good to hear somebody speaking non-jargon English on any subject, let alone a tricky one such as dementia. Lang may yer lum reek!

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  2. Peggy

    Glad you have tackled this subject Kate, my mum has dementia. It is indeed complex. However she is 90 now and does well. She is forgetting more and more and more quickly, but amazingly she remembers some things, like when I took her to a guitar shop the summer before last, and she still rmembers, I think because it was different to the usual routine and she loved it. So I hope research will be well funded in future, I am sure there is an answer.

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  3. Sue Spooner

    Thank you Kate. So many of us don't even want to begin to address our role in managing our own illnesses. Information, advice and a willingness to become involved are all key elements of better health. How much more difficult it is to be ready for the very end of our life. I am trying to promote awareness through the http://www.bereadyforit.org.uk campaign which applies to us all whether we are beginning to suffer from dementia or not. Best wishes, Sue

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