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  1. Comment by Steph Gray posted on

    A great list, Stephen. It's been troubling me for a few days, and I've written a longer form response, full of my own rank hypocrisy, over here:

  2. Comment by Neil Williams posted on

    Agree with much of what Steph has written, but also felt this was a pretty great list - and am grateful for your sharing your thinking on this. My team has an awayday next week (austerity away day: it's in the same building, and features lunch in the canteen). I might pick up some of this with them and see what we can feed in, if time.

  3. Comment by Vicky Sargent posted on

    This is a really useful post, so thank you. One thing though, I wonder if under efficiency, you had thought of measuring the proportion of visitors able to find/do what they want on your website? The Socitm Website Takeup service ( which meansures usage of and satisfaction with council websites, regards this as the 'killer' measure of efficiency. If people can't do what they want on the website, they will turn to other, significantly more expensive channels, like the phone. That will drive up the department's costs, even if your website cost per visitor interested to know what you think.

  4. Comment by Bookmarks for December 12th through December 30th | DavePress posted on

    [...] 13 measures of success for government digital teams – Good stuff on evaluation of online activity from Stephen Hale [...]

  5. Comment by Will Callaghan posted on

    Cheers for the list Stephen, really useful. Obviously some KPIs are more important than others - which are the stand out ones for you?

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      Comment by Stephen Hale posted on

      Thanks Will. I think all of these are just indicators. They'll give us a rough idea about how we're doing as a team over time. The most important KPIs for us though will be more directly related to what we're trying to achieve as a Department - like the specific KPIs around our work on health and care reform, eg around our reach and influence amongst GP pathfinders.