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NICE META tool - Beta service re-assessment

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Department / Agency:

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Date of Assessment:

20th December 2016

Assessment Stage:


Result of reassessment:


Lead Assessor:


Service Manager:


Digital Leader:


Assessment Report


After consideration, the assessment panel have concluded that the MedTech Early Technical Assessment (META) service has passed the re-assessment and has met the standards expected of a Beta service. (Read the original assessment).

The assessment panel were particularly pleased to see significant advances made in such a short time since the last assessment, with a much greater focus on user research and developing a plan to iterate and improve the service throughout Beta.

Additional specialist roles have been added to the team and these are being well used to further support the iteration and design. There was a strong understanding of the charging model and it was clear that the recommendations of the original report had been taken on board.

Below are some recommendations that the panel would expect the team to continue to focus on throughout Beta and have answers for prior to a live assessment.

The panel wish the team every success with the Beta and would like to thank them for all the effort that clearly went into the successful re-assessment.

The service is easy to use and meets user needs

Recommendations for consideration during beta:

  • Continue to do user research, not just usability testing, with all users of the product, including those you have licensed the tool to. They will be users of the service too.
  • Perform further user research to understand the user needs and opportunities to improve the entire user journey, not just the META tool.
  • A diary study could be a useful way of understanding the entire user journey including what happens before, during and after using the META tool.
  • The META tool is expected to raise standards, how will this be measured and evidenced?
  • Gain evidence that the charging model is the right one and that it is not impacting the expected/desired outputs.  

The service can be quickly improved

Recommendations for consideration during beta:

  • Ensure that the team continues to have access to the right specialist roles required to develop and iterate the service.
  • Review the sprint cycles to ensure the current assumptions match reality and that monthly sprints are correct.

The service is safe and secure

The service team will need to share the penetration test certificate with DH Digital once it has been completed. This must be completed prior to Public Beta.

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